Extra Company started its activity in 1996 by reverse engineering of alarm control panel 9448 which is made in England and then started to produce autodialer,GSM aotudialer and remote control panel . Then in 2006, to introduce a new product it produced a swing gate opener with a short course arm jack that can bear doors with 800 kg weight on each leaf and a long course that can bear doors with 1000 kg weight on each leaf. These arm jacks are both 24V and with unlimited traffic ability. It should be noted that theses actuators are for heavy and ultra-heavy doors, and in the future, light jacks will be introduced to the market. The arms of these jacks were designed by the engineers of Extra company, and its electronic boards was also designed by the electronic department of Extra company.
In the recent years, the board of directors and staff of Extra Company have made every effort to produce high quality products to be worthy of global consumers, in order to assure them about high quality products with an excellent service and after-sales support for purchased products; To achieve this, Extra Company has guaranteed all its products for 12 months; However, if dear customers are dissatisfied with the purchased product at any time, they can return it and their money will be refunded according to the current price.